VegHead Profile: Luke MacCormick

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on the blog as the last couple of months have brought graduation from Dickinson College, a move to Philadelphia, and a continuing job search. I’m just beginning my post-college, alumni life, so I think it’s fitting that this VegHead profile is from a friend of mine at Dickinson, Luke.

I’d sum up Luke as a really cool, kind, and chill guy who radiates calmness. He was one of my housemates at the Treehouse the first semester of my senior year, and many days I’d look out of the gym window to see him bike past with his messenger bag and iconic sweater. My friend and housemate Emma and him would go to the weekly Carlisle Farmers’ Market and cook up a meal with their spoils. Luke is spending his summer working on Dickinson’s organic farm in Boiling Springs, PA, and I’m excited to share his profile on how he developed a passion for sustainability and what he’d like to spend his time doing in the future.

Quick Facts

Name: Luke MacCormick

VegHead Status: Pescetarian

Age: 22

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hometown: Norwich, Vermont, USA

Current Location: Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA

Occupation: Student at Dickinson College

Companion Animals: Puff and Muffin, my two cats, are my favorite thing about going home after a semester or for a break.

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