Vegan Heaven in NYC: Visiting PeaceFood Cafe

Vegan Heaven in NYC: Visiting PeaceFood Cafe

This past week I returned from my family’s spring break trip to Morocco by flying into JFK airport in New York City. I spent the night there crashing on a friend’s sofa since it would have been another three-hour train ride to central Pennsylvania. Not only did I get to catch up with my high school friend, but I also treated myself to a meal at one of New York City’s vegan restaurants! I chose to go to PeaceFood Cafe on 82nd Street in Manhattan, and I have zero regrets. So in this post, I’ll share what I ate at PeaceFood and what the restaurant is all about.

I first visited the all-vegan PeaceFood Cafe on a chilly morning in March 2017 with my same friend from high school, Tim. I remember having their signature chickpea fries, which tasted like hotdogs to tell you the truth. My favorite food was the raw cashew cream cheesecake, and it was partly the reason why I wanted to return. This March I went alone, since Tim was busy with his acting career. PeaceFood’s pastry counter immediately caught my eye, and I would have been happy to try any and all of their delicious-looking baked goods.

Their breakfast menu was available till noon, so I decided to try their tofu scramble with home-fries, along with one of the protein-packed kale biscuits. Service was quick and friendly, and the mood was relaxed but also uplifting. I’m very happy to report that they did not give me a plastic straw with my water! My biscuit came right away with a side of vegan butter, and it tasted wonderful. I think there was vegan cheese melted on to the top, and there were other veggies besides kale baked into the biscuit.

My tofu scramble was equally satisfying and healthy. The home-fries had the perfect amount of crispiness and flavor, and the vegetables in the tofu scramble added variety to the dish. My whole plate was cleared in minutes! I felt really full, but not too heavy or sleepy.

From 11 am onward you could order off their regular menu, instead of only the breakfast and drink options. I had already eaten my fill, but thought it couldn’t hurt to order some things for the road and to share with my boyfriend later on in the evening. Besides, I told myself, your money is going towards an awesome, ethical, and inspiring business that helps spread the message of compassion through great-tasting vegan food.

I took my time looking through the menu since it was so difficult to make a decision. PeaceFood offers pizzas, soups, raw lasagna, sandwiches, a vegan cheese burger, faux meats, desserts, smoothies, a long list of side dishes, and more. I was very tempted by the pastry counter’s blueberry cream cheese muffins, but chose instead a gingerbread chocolate chip scone to go. I also asked for a slice of their raw cashew cream cheesecake and an order of their baked soy nuggets. I’m such a sucker for vegan alternatives to breaded chicken nuggets, tenders, patties, or cutlets.

Since I had over an hour before I needed to be at Penn Station to catch my train, I ordered a mango lassi. I’ve never had a vegan lassi before, and I’m so glad PeaceFood offered one. It was fruity, sweet, and refreshing and made of mango, soy yogurt, soy milk, cardamom, and agave.

The nuggets were fantastic paired with the fresh herbed vegan mayo. I could’ve eaten boxes and boxes of them. Later on that evening I dove into the raw cashew cream cheesecake, which was even more heavenly than it sounds. It’s a decadent slice of cake made of cashews, lemon juice, coconut oil, and agave on a raisin walnut crust. If you’re ever in New York City, you need to hit PeaceFood, and I highly recommend you get this dessert.

Overall I am so happy I decided to revisit this restaurant. I think their prices are very reasonable for New York City. Here’s a couple photos of their interior:

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