VegHead Profile: Kat Bansemer

VegHead Profile: Kat Bansemer

Kat is one of my favorite Instagrammers and vegans. Her vegan food posts, whether its homemade or from a restaurant, make me risk getting hungry every time I open Instagram. She also makes me want to run out and buy all the bath bombs, cute clothes, and makeup I can. Kat and I went to the same high school in Germany, and the only contact we’ve had since is through social media, but our veganism brings us together! This VegHead Profile was one of my favorites to write since she gives such awesome recommendations. My advice? Check out her YouTube channel here!

Quick Facts

Name: Kat
VegHead Status: Vegan
Age: 22
Pronouns: She/Her
Hometown: I’m a military kid, so I don’t have one!
Current Location: San Marcos, Texas, USA
Occupation: Instructional Assistant in the history department of Texas State and Graduate Student

This cupcake is from a bakery in a restaurant called Mr. Natural. It’s a vegan/vegetarian restaurant and it’s amazing! The cupcake itself was a strawberries and cream flavor and it was so decadent and super cute.


Favorite Plant-Based Milk: Coconut Milk
Favorite VegHead-Friendly Cafes and/or Restaurants: Earth Burger, Buzzmill, The Beer Plant,
Thai Thai Café
Favorite Foods: Pad Thai, Curry, Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders, avocados
Favorite Place You’ve Visited and Why: I went to Croatia with my family a few years ago and I
loved it! The scenery is beautiful and everyone was so friendly. It was just a super unique place.
10/10 would go again!
Favorite Veg Influencer/Celebrity: That’s so hard! It’s probably a tie between Rose (CheapLazyVegan) and Madeleine Olivia (Madeleine Olivia). All the recipes from Cheap Lazy Vegan are super affordable and accessible, AND they taste amazing! Rose is also a really down-to-earth vlogger and really enjoyable to watch. Madeleine
Olivia is aesthetic goals and not only has awesome vegan recipes, but also tips on minimalism and sustainable living which have really inspired me to start my own low impact journey!
Favorite Veg Cosmetics/Body Care Brand or Company: The Body Shop and Lush

This photo is taken in front of a Starbucks. My fave drink there is the Pink Drink. It’s so pink, pastel, and kawaii! That’s how I like my vegan treats.


When did you go vegan and why? Tell us your story:

I started my vegan journey and went vegetarian in 2016 after attending a screening of Cowspiracy held by the
animal rights club at my university. I’d never given much thought to the impact my food choices
had on the environment nor fully understood the horrific mistreatment of factory-farmed animals.
After I saw the movie, I picked up some pamphlets on going meat-free, did some more of my
own research, then started to slowly transition meat out of my diet. I’d already cut dairy out of
my diet due to lactose intolerance, but it wasn’t until early 2017 that I decided to cut out eggs
and animal products altogether. I’m a really cautious person and take things quite slow, so it
wasn’t until late 2017 I fully transitioned and identified as vegan.

Tell us about your travels:

I’ve visited 12 countries so far, but have not done much traveling since going vegan (something I’d like to rectify soon!!) I do spend a ton of time in Austin, Texas, though, and let me tell you, it is a GREAT place to be vegan! Most restaurants have vegan options and there are some great vegan food trucks here.

Do you have a favorite veg recipe you want to share with us? Or DIY instructions for a self-care
product or eco-friendly tool?

So here are some links to my favorite recipes:
Black Beans and Rice: This was the first vegan meal I ever cooked and I cook it for my non-vegan family all the time. It’s hearty and flavorful and also super quick and easy!

Easy Vegan Chickpea Curry with Potatoes: Curry is one of my favorite foods and it’s also super easy to make! I use this recipe often and also modify it to include other veggies!

I’ve also recently been into DIY cleaning products! I consult this post regularly for the instructions:
20 DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes, Tips, and Hacks

I recently discovered EarthHero, which is like a huge online shop for sustainable products. They have everything from beauty products to kitchen accessories to apparel! It’s a great way to find ethical and sustainable brands, and I feel really comfortable purchasing from them.

This dish is from a restaurant in D.C called Momofuku. I ordered this edamame falafel dish that was amazing, and what made the experience even more magical was our server ASKED upfront if anyone had any dietary preferences before I had to have the whole “hey can you make sure this does not have butter or animal products on it?” Everyone was just super accommodating and friendly! One of the best restaurant experiences I have had!

What are your future plans?

My future is kind of wide open right now. I’m not sure exactly what I want to do with my degrees. I double majored in History and International Studies, and I am working on my Master’s in History at the moment. Ideally I’d like to work for a company that’s committed to environmental justice and healthy living. Overall I want to do my best to lead an ethical life, help the planet, and encourage others to do the same! Some of my current goals are adopting a more minimalist lifestyle, reducing my waste and impact on the environment, and saving money so that I can travel more. A specific goal for 2019 is to use more sustainable period products. I just got my first set of washable panty liners that I’m looking forward to trying!

Like to cupcake, this dish is also from Mr. Natural. It was a fajita burrito. It was MASSIVE and full of FLAVOR! Mr. Natural took me to flavortown.

Follow Kat Here:

Instagram: @katspastellife

YouTube Channel: Kat B

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