VegHead Profile: Liz Bodenman

VegHead Profile: Liz Bodenman

I met Liz the fall of my sophomore year here at Dickinson College, when she was just starting out as a freshman. I was (and am) always looking out for fellow vegans, and Liz not only chooses to leave animals off her plate, she’s an all-around sustainability super star and world traveler with a passion for doing good. Keep reading for her easy veggie and lentil curry and to see her hanging with wild gorillas!

Quick Facts

Name: Liz Bodenman

VegHead Status: Vegan

Age: 21

Pronouns: She/Her/Her’s

Hometown: Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Current Location: Bremen, Germany

Occupation: Student of International Studies & German with a concentration in Sustainability

Companion Animal(s): Dog named Frodo Baggins, cat named Ginger


Favorite Plant-Based Milk: Fortified Soymilk

Favorite VegHead-Friendly Cafes and/or Restaurants: Eden- A Vegan Café in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Favorite Foods: Baked Sweet Potato with black beans, lime, and guacamole; cooked spinach with marinated chickpeas and mushrooms; Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Truffle Vegan Ice Cream

Favorite Place You’ve Visited and Why: Haiti: it’s beautiful, the people are lovely, and it’s very underrated.

Favorite Veg Influencer/Celebrity: Natalie Portman

Favorite Veg Cosmetics/Body Care Brand or Company: Catrice (in Europe)

Fav Veg-Related/Environmental/Social Justice Books: Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire, Richard Oppenlander’s Comfortably Unaware

Fav Veg-Related/Environment/Social Justice Movies: Cowspiracy


When did you go vegan and why? Tell us your story!

I went full vegan when I was a senior in high school after two months of being vegetarian. It’s been three years of bliss! When I first went vegan it was in an attempt to help heal my eating disorder, but as I went deeper into it, I learned about the animal and environmental welfare the lifestyle provides. Now I would say I’m an ethical vegan through and through. I absolutely love the vegan lifestyle, and couldn’t imagine ever going back to contributing to animal cruelty and environmental degradation.

Senior year of high school my two girlfriends and I went vegan together

Tell us about your travels!

So far in my life I’ve been to Canada (I know, so exotic), the Bahamas, Haiti, Morocco, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, France, Czech Republic, Poland, and Uganda. Then last summer I did an internship in Rwanda for two months, and this year I’m studying in Germany for eleven months. While I’m in Europe I plan on hitting up as many countries as possible. Right now I’m at 15, so if I could get to 30 before I go back to the states, that would be great! I really want to see Eastern Europe, since it’s inexpensive and relatively unexplored by tourists while continuing post-Soviet recovery.

Hiking with the gorillas in Uganda, Summer 2018

Do you have a favorite veg recipe you want to share with us?

My go-to recipe is lentil and vegetable curry, because it’s easy, cheap, healthy and tasty. I wing it each time and use whatever ingredients I can find in my kitchen. The recipe normally goes like this: cook lentils and brown onions/garlic separately whilst cooking whatever veggies you have/want in some water, curry paste, and whatever spices you want. Then add the lentils, onions, and garlic, and let simmer. It should all meld together into a gooey, yummy stew-like consistency. Serve with whole wheat rice or tortillas (with soy yogurt on top as a special treat), and you’ve got yourself a good meal!

What are your future plans?

After I graduate in 2020, I plan on joining the Peace Corps to take a break between degrees. My dream would be to be stationed in either Thailand or Malawi, but I’ll be happy wherever I’m sent. Then I would return to school for a master’s in foreign service, preferably at Georgetown. I’ve always wanted to pursue to doctorate, so I will most likely attempt to attain that after my masters. Once I’m finished with my studies, the goal is to work abroad for an NGO that focuses on women’s and environmental rights. I really want to travel to at least one new country every year if I could (though I might not be able to achieve that goal till I’m more stable in my studies/career).

Haiti service trip, Spring 2017

Follow Liz Here:

Facebook: Liz Bodenman

Instagram: @lizbodenman

LinkedIn: Elizabeth Bodenman

Pinterest: greenshayliz

Tumblr: theruralvegan

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